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Strategy Call

Schedule a one-hour call with us at our hourly rate to discuss your IRS or state tax (e.g., NC / NCDOR) audit, appeal, or litigation.

We charge $375 for a strategy call (one hour or less) to discuss your tax audit, appeal, or litigation issue.

Tax audit
Tax Audit

Hire us to handle your IRS or state tax audit.

  • A good tax attorney can manage an audit to help achieve the best result possible.
  • Ask us how we do this for our clients.

If you send us your IRS correspondence, we will provide an estimate of our fees to represent you. We can tailor our services to do as much or as little as you want.

Appeal/Tax Court

Hire us to handle your IRS or state tax appeal or litigation.

  • If you end up with an audit assessment, it may be helpful to appeal it or file a petition in court.
  • Ask us about our success with appeals / litigation.

If you send us your 30-day letter from the IRS, we can provide an estimate of how much it may cost for us to prepare a protest letter to the Appeals office of the IRS.

Penalty relief
Penalty Relief

Hire us to draft a penalty abatement request.

  • If you have been assessed a tax penalty, you can request an abatement of that penalty.
  • Ask us what is involved with that.

If you send us your audit report and provide information about how you may potentially be entitled to penalty relief, we can provide an estimate of what it would cost to draft a penalty waiver request.

Types of
Tax Audits
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Business Income Tax
  • State Franchise Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Qualified Plans
  • International Forms
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Payroll / Employment Tax
  • Foreign Asset Disclosure
  • Gift & Estate Tax
  • Tax Exempt Entities
  • Withholding Tax

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